Abdul Hay Mosallam

Abdul Hay Mosallam born in Dawaymeh, Hebron, Palestine in 1933, and currently lives and works in Amman, Jordan. He is a self-taugh artist who has meticulously worked on achiving the recent histories of the1-mohammad-abu-hay Palestinian people. He didn´t go for training or any institution to learn art. He uses very simple tools and materials to creat painted reliefs. A mixture of glue and sawdust makes up the reliefs.

The artist recreates scenes from daily life in his lost Palestinian home since his expulsión from his hometown in 1948. He is a very active person who keeps working and producing. He produced extensive documentation of the recent Palestinian struggle and liberation movements of a form of painted reliefs. His work shows the real history of the Palestinian people. He recalls from his days in the villages scenes of traditions and celebrations, but also from the years while he was in exile.

He worked at the maintenance department of the Jordanian Air Force before he joined the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). In 1960 he was sent with his family to Lybya and there he learnt his technique and turn to art.

His work talks about the Diaspora , the struggle of many Palestinians and his artistic militance.

He participated in more than 35 Arab and international exhibitions and in 33 Japanese artists exhibition in Tokyo on the Sabra – Shatilla massacre that took place in Lebanon in 1982.

His work is very well know in Arab countries but also in Europe where he has held solo exhibitions.

Abdul Hay Mossalam´s work has been recognized by important critics and journalists who wrote about his work in differenr magazines.

In addition to his ongoing work, Abdul-Hay dreams of establishing a museum – not only for his own works and not only to collect works from the past, but as a place where one could house the present aspirations of his people.



-Zara Gallery (http://www.zaragallery.org/content/ArtistDetails.aspx?a_id=94 )

-Facebook / Abdul Hay Mossalam


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