Hani Zurob

Hani Zurob is a Palestinian artist in exile, unable to return to his homeland. He was born in 1976 in Rafah Refugee Camp in Gaza. In 1999 he graduated as a B.A. of Fine Arts at the University Al-Najah (Nablus). hani-zurobHe settled then in Ramallah until 2006, where he received a grant that allowed him to reside in Paris at the Cité Internationale des Arts. Hani was unable to return to his homeland. Today he lives in France, creating works that explore state of exile, waiting, movement and displacement – his work presents Palestine through a personal perspective and conceptual context that transcends borders and geography – concepts that remain close to the Painter’s heart.

Hani Zurob has participated in numerous international solo exhibitions, such as in Paris, Atlanta, Marrakech, Doha and Rabat, as well as in group exhibitions and artistic events in Europe and world wide, to name a few: Guest Artist in Dak’Art 2014 (Dakar Biennale), Musée Théodore Monod de l’IFAN, Senegal. Le Corps découvert, Contemporary Arab art at the Arab World Institute in Paris 2012. Palestine: La création dans tous ses états which was held at the Arab World Institute in Paris 2009, and then at The National Museum of Bahrain 2009. Gaza 61 + Seoul 59 at the Young Gallery in Seoul 2009. Paris – Damas: regards croisés, which was organized by Europia Productions, at the Arab World Institue 2008 and then at the National Museum of Damascus 2009. Made in Palestine at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Huston, Texas 2003. The 11th Cairo Biennale 2008. Still Life Symposium at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, United Kingdom 2008.

A recently released book titled “Between Exits: Paintings by Hani Zurob” traces the path of the artist’s career, covering his creative period in Palestine through to his development as an exiled artist in Europe. Organized chronologically, the volume offers a glimpse into the work of a contemporary Palestinian artist whose understanding of identity and collective belonging has changed throughout his cross-continental journey






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Hani Zurob

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