Iyad Ramadan Sabbah

Iyad Ramadan Sabbah is a Palestinian sculptor born 1973 in Gaza who lives and works there. iyad-sabbahHe studied at Fateh University in Lybia where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Sculpture. He holds an MA Fine Art Sculpture from Helwan University in Cairo.

Sabbah is a well know sculptor who became famous for his beach exhibition called “Worn Out”. His sculptures and the installations he uses are very artistic- many of his works have taken on an overt political tone.

In this case of “Worn Out” Palestine is all over his artwork, he uses his art to show the suffering of his people.

This exhibition is meant to show the horrors Palestinians faced in the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza city, which saw some of the heaviest fighting in the summer’s 50-day conflict (2014). More than 2,200 people were killed, 11,200 civilians were injured and thousands of houses were razed by Israel.

Sabbah explained that this exhibition represents the psychological impact of war and commemorate those who died.

Shuja’iyya neighborhood is one of the places that was completely destroyed. The artist wanted with this work to focus on displacement of the Palestinians. He is completely sure that there has been a violation of humanity in all of the Gaza community as a result if the aggression.sabbah-iyad

All the sculptures were created using mud and waste materials found in bombsites.

The sculputures were also placed on the beach in Gaza to symbolize the refugees fleeing to other countries illegally in a desperate attempt to escape the conflict.

The familly of seven clay figures including a small child and a baby appear to moved through debris and rubble and past shelled homes.


Personal Exhibitions

Earth Gallery – Tripoli -1993

Fair point of view – Tripoli -1994

Folds Gallery – Arts and Crafts Village – Gaza

Gallery shades of red – the French Center in Gaza and moved to the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center in Ramallah 2009

Gallery outside the box – Qattan Center – Gaza 2010


Exhibitions and awards

Nasser University Gallery – Tripoli 1993

Planetarium Gallery – Tripoli – Libya – 1994

Red Crescent Gallery – Khan Younis -1990

Fine Artists Association Gallery – Rashad grilling – Gaza – 2001

Gallery of Fine Artists Association – Municipal Library Auditorium – Rafah

Vanguard Gallery Forty – fifth -2005 – Cairo – Egypt

The Alexandrian Alexandria Biennale XXIII – 2005 – Cairo – Egypt

Spring Fair – Ramallah -2003

Gallery artists from the Gaza Strip – Paris and surfed some French cities – 2007

Shield Association artists -2002

Art Lovers Society Award – 2005

Third prize in the competition did not Mobile ( White Night ) French Cultural Center -2007

Bank of Palestine Award – in Palestine 2009 Art Competition

Gallery 10 artists from Gaza – Paris – 2009

Gallery traces the war – Photography – French Center Strip – 2009

Dual exhibition durable – Deira Hotel – Gaza 2009

See gallery for faculty members at the University of Max – the French Center – Gaza 2009

Exhibition case – Rashad Shawa of Gaza 2010

Gallery 22 – Power Windows – 2010

Vss visual gallery – gallery convergence -2010 of

Gallery in Shi needed becomes – gallery -2010 Federation of

Palestinian Art Gallery – Dubai – Art only – 2010

Gallery Palestine in the eyes of young people – Bir Zeit – Nablus – Bethlehem – 2010

Auction yard – Jerusalem 2010

Collective exhibition Sharm El Sheikh 2011

Czech group exhibition 2012

A group exhibition of the Sultanate of Oman 2012

Collective exhibition – Czech Republic – 2012

Gallery fingerprints – Tunisia – 2013

Art gallery and workshop – Konia Turkey 2013 AD


Business Field

The launch of the Phoenix Monument – Palestine Square – Gaza

Monument dream of return – field Abu Hamid – , Khan Younis

Mermaid monument complex Italian – Gaza

Monument of redemption – the field of the 17 – Rafah

Festival honoring shield of Arab Artists 2009

Mental Health Shield 2010

Shield Strip Festival 2011

Shield Theater 2011

Key shield Gaza 2012

Medal of the Jerusalem International Prize 2012









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