Mahmoud Darwish Museum (Al-Birweh Park)

Mahmoud Drawish Museum (Al-Birweh Park) is a three-acre space on top of the hill that houses the grave of the late poet. The place includes the poet’s monument, a museum, a multipurpose hall, an  outdoor theater, and a garden.mahmoud-darwish-museum

– Museum: Aims to exhibit some of Darwish’s belongings, and some of his original poetry manuscripts. It has also a hall with large screens to display videos of the poet.

– Multipurpose hall: It’s designed to host festival and cultural celebrations. It can be used as one big hall or divided to three separate halls for lectures and discussion meetings.

– Outdoor Theater: It can host more than five hundred persons. It has a podium, and other rooms for special services.

– Garden: It contains several collections of flowers and trees from the countryside of Palestine.

This cultural space  was designed by architect Jaafar Touqan (son of the late Palestinian poet Ibrahim Touqan).


Darwish Museum Tour





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