Israeli designer eroticizes the Palestinian keffiyeh

By Philip Weiss


Tanya Habjouqa, a photographer, reported on her Facebook page a few days ago:


Cultural appropriation to an extreme….in a chic Tel Aviv mall, I stopped in my tracks when I saw the Palestinian and Jordanian Keffiyeh fabric filling an entire boutique. Chic sexy dresses, funky flouncy skirts, long hippie draping gowns….minimum cost 150 USD. No sign or explanation of where this material came from. Even my husband stood frozen in alarm, peering in window. It really was too much. Even by the standards here.cloth1

We went on to Dodo Bar Or’s site. She is an Israeli designer with stores in Tel Aviv and an international following. Her foto’s at right. designer

Her new line is based largely on the Palestinian keffiyeh, a symbol of Palestinian resistance. Some of the fashions eroticize the keffiyeh. I can’t imagine Dodo Bar Or is considering the sentiments of 20 percent of the Israeli population, let alone the millions under occupation a few miles away. Many are sure to be offended by these clothes.




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