About us

I´m a journalist who has been working for many years writing about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. amineThe idea of creating a blog or a website about the Palestinian culture was always on my mind, so I decided to give birth to this new project. This is a big challenge that will take a lot of my time and energies but I´m sure it will be worth it.

Palestine is a country that has a very rich and ancient history, and a unique culture. It´s a country that offers more than just old stories and legends. It´s a country with customs, with music, dance, cuisine, with painters and everything that we count on the identity of a country.

In this blog you will be able to know more about the culture of Palestine a country that always existed and will exist for ever.

I invite you to get a good knowledge of a rich culture.

Just take your time and enjoy your trip around the blog.


Amineh Ishtay






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